What is Speech – Language Therapy?

Speech and language therapy is the treatment of Communication Disorders, Speech disorders and Language disorders. Speech – Language Therapy focuses on amongst other areas: expressive language, receptive language, ability to understand words spoken to you, and the ability to use words to express oneself. Speech – Language Therapist will identify and improve abilities with expressive language, functional communication skills, and oral motor feeding issues. They also improve communication through interpersonal interaction, idea expression, obtaining desires, and sharing information.

General Speech – Language Therapy disorders and examples are:

    * Pitch, Volume, or Voice Quality Problems.
    * Articulation Disorders: Voice Disorders:
    * Difficulties producing sounds in syllables
    * Incorrect pronouncement of words to the extent that other people do not comprehend what you is being said
    * Fluency Disorders: Stuttering – Interrupted Speech, Prolonged Sounds, and Repetition
    * Language Disorders: Receptive or Expressive
    * Receptive Disorders: Difficulties processing or understanding language.
    * Expressive Disorders: Limited Vocabulary and difficulties putting words together

Treatment method(s) to be used depend on the delays in question. Examples of treatments are: Physical Exercises – to strengthen the muscles used in speech, Speech Drills – to improve clarity, and Sound Production Practice – to improve speech articulation.

Typical Speech – Language Therapy Services

    * Consultation
    * Evaluation, and
    * Intervention

Our Speech – Language Therapy Services

The Network of Speech-Language Therapists at staff at Children’s Therapy Innovations provides diagnosis, treatment, and consultation for a varied of speech and language problems such as: language development delays, stuttering, swallowing, receptive and expressive language skills, communication problems associated with autism or pervasive developmental disorder, non-verbal communication, voice disorders, articulation difficulties, oral-motor concerns.
Pediatric Speech – Language Therapy Services

Our Pediatric Speech – Language Therapist are at hand to provide treatment to children who require speech – language therapy treatment as a result of development delays or disorders. A language disorder(s) makes it difficult for a child to comprehend or put words together for effective communication. A speech disorder impedes that child’s ability to produce sounds.

The habilitation and rehabilitation process for typical Speech and Language challenges can be long. Issues that affect the length of the child’s therapy treatment include but are not limited to the following:

    * Age: Child’s age
    * Treatment: How relevant, Consistent, and Appropriate is the treatment provided?
    * Therapists Qualifications: Level of qualification of therapist
    * Diagnosis and Severity Level: What is the specific diagnosis and how severe is it?

Our Speech – Language therapist evaluate oral-motor skills, sound production, and speech. They also provided treatment intervention to improve strength, coordination, movement, and placement of the tongue, lips, jaw, and cheeks rely on the proper function and structure of the oral areas. Speech-language therapy also delves into cognitive reorganization and other technical areas.

Our therapists provide individual therapy treatment to children. They consult with the child’s teacher to determine the most effective methods to assist the child’s communication in school or at day care. At home, they confer with the family to determine the most effective methods to assist the child’s communication. Thereafter, they create goals and procedures for successful therapy at home and at school.


The first thing that one should know is that the remediation (habilitation/rehabilitation) process for typical Speech and Language challenges can be lengthy. Factors include the following: periods.

    * The specific condition diagnosed
    * The severity of the condition
    * Your child’s age
    * Consistency of treatment
    * Appropriateness of the treatment plan
    * The quality of the therapist
    * Your child’s innate ability to respond to treatment

Children that might benefit from our Speech – Language Therapy Services

Children that might benefit from our Speech – Language Therapy Services include and are not limited to children with, in need, or having challenges due to:

    * Language Development
    * Phonological Disorders
    * Voice Disorders
    * Dysphasia
    * Down Syndrome
    * Apraxia
    * Articulation Improvement
    * Autism
    * Fluency
    * Swallowing and Feeding

Adult Speech – Language Therapy Services

Adults may need speech – language therapy treatment after a stroke or traumatic accident that changes their ability to speak or use language.
Adults that might benefit from our Speech – Language Therapy Services

    * Cognitive Rehabilitation
    * Voice Disorders
    * Articulation
    * Swallowing
    * Traumatic Brain Injury
    * Fluency
    * Aphasia
    * Stroke Victims